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Restaurant Websites: A Feast for the Eyes

Posted by Ginger in Web Services, Wordpress on Aug 07, 2017 | No Comments

Heideldesign just launched 4 new restaurant websites for Gaslight Group in Savannah. The designs focus on mouth-watering food photography, and offer easy access to info like location, hours and menu to convert web visitors into restaurant patrons.

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Hospital Websites: Modern Design for Modern Health Centers

Posted by Ginger in Public Health, Web Services, Wordpress on Jul 25, 2017 | No Comments

Effingham Health System had a vision for a new website, one that would reflect the modern and professional care provided through its staff and facilities. Spyhop Productions partnered with Heideldesign to bring that vision to life.

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Just Launched: The Skidaway Institute of Oceanography Website

Posted by Ginger in Heideldesign, Savannah, Wordpress on Mar 30, 2017 | No Comments

The Skidaway Institute of Oceanography (SKIO) is a research and training institution nestled along the marshy banks of the Skidaway River outside of Savannah. SKIO is part of the University of Georgia, with state-of-the-art research laboratories and instrumentation, and...

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New Year, New Wordpress

Posted by Lee Heidel in Newsletter, Wordpress on Jan 05, 2017 | No Comments

As we all head back to work, many of you are noticing a new version of Wordpress powering your websites.

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WordPress Websites for Nonprofits: SIBU Sanctuary

Posted by Ginger in Wordpress on Apr 26, 2016 | No Comments

Tucked away in a small village outside a popular tourist town in Costa Rica, there is a place where the monkeys play. It's called SIBU Sanctuary, and within the expansive habitats are dozens of monkeys who have been given...

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Hot Right Now: Using CSS Animations to Highlight Conversations

Posted by Lee Heidel in Wordpress on Jan 26, 2016 | No Comments

We used CSS Animations to bring attention to conversations on the ICTworks blog.

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Mobile Asset Tracking with Wordpress

Posted by Lee Heidel in Mobile Web & Apps, Wordpress on Jul 21, 2015

Solving new problems for clients with Wordpress' extensibility and ease of use.

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Event Calendar Plugin for WordPress

Posted by Ginger in Wordpress on May 04, 2015 | No Comments

If your business or organization hosts events, then you need an effective way to share and promote those events to the public. We've recently built several websites that incorporated "The Events Calendar" plugin for WordPress from Modern Tribe.

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Tri County Electric Cooperative: Powering Up a New Website

Posted by Ginger in Wordpress on Apr 09, 2015

This year, the Tri County Electric Cooperative in South Carolina is celebrating its 75th anniversary. It's a significant milestone, but the company is not just looking back. The co-op leaders are also looking forward, and just launched a new website as fresh and modern as the company itself.

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Heideldesign Welcomes TOTO To Client List

Posted by Lee Heidel in Wordpress on Apr 02, 2015

At Heideldesign, we love music. We're proud to count music festivals, venues and a number of musicians as project partners. That trend continues with our newest client, the four-time Grammy award winning, multi-platinum selling rock band TOTO. TOTO's management...

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5 Wordpress Plugins that Make Our Jobs Easier

Posted by Lee Heidel in Wordpress on Mar 09, 2015

These are the Wordpress plugins we find ourselves going back to time and again to get projects off the ground fast.

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Savannah's Lucas Theatre Website is Encore Worthy

Posted by Lee Heidel in Savannah, Wordpress on Feb 20, 2015

We provide custom website design for theaters, music and art festivals, event spaces and more. Check out this recent project for Savannah's Lucas Theatre.

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New Design, New Features for Public Health Site

Posted by Ginger in Public Health, Wordpress on Feb 09, 2015

The Coastal Health District in Georgia was our first public health website, and this month we are excited to relaunch the site with a new design and back-end content management system.

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Public Health Website Updates Important During Disasters

Posted by Ginger in Public Health, Web Services, Wordpress on Jan 27, 2015

Details change quickly in disasters, and public health websites are invaluable for disseminating this evolving information immediately and effectively.

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Using Technology to Discover the Past

Posted by Lee Heidel in Mobile Web & Apps, Wordpress on Dec 16, 2014

Heideldesign created the online directory and iPhone and Android apps for the Georgia Historical Society's historical marker programs.

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School & Church Websites Get a Back-to-School Makeover

Posted by Ginger in Wordpress on Sep 18, 2014 | No Comments

Private school parents and churchgoers are increasingly using the internet to research possible school and church options before ever booking a campus tour or coming to worship. That's why Saint Peter the Apostle Catholic School and Church needed a website that would make a great first impression.

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Do You Really Need to Upgrade Wordpress?

Posted by Lee Heidel in Wordpress on Jan 30, 2013 | No Comments

Wordpress updates and warnings are released frequently. But do you really need to upgrade to the latest version?

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Wordpress Development for Nonprofits

Posted by Lee Heidel in Wordpress on Jan 17, 2013 | No Comments

Another of our favorite projects from 2012 was a revamp of Inveneo's online presence. Inveneo is a nonprofit that helps better the lives of people in the developing world through technology.

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