WordPress Websites for Nonprofits: SIBU Sanctuary

SIBU Sanctuary website

Tucked away in a small village outside a popular tourist town in Costa Rica, there is a place where the monkeys play. It's called SIBU Sanctuary, and within the expansive habitats are dozens of monkeys who have been given a second chance.

Many of the monkeys were brought to SIBU as babies after their mothers were electrocuted and killed. Sadly, electrocution is a common occurrence here, as monkeys use the power lines to move through the jungle and sometimes come across uncovered transformers.

The monkeys at SIBU are being nursed back to health and, when possible, rehabilitated for release into the wild.

SIBU relies heavily on tours and donations, which is why a strong web presence is crucial. When visitors to nearby Nosara, Costa Rica are searching the web for wildlife encounters, SIBU Sanctuary needs to be at the top of the list.

IMG_6283.jpgWhen Heideldesign temporarliy relocated to Nosara last year, I learned about SIBU and began to volunteer there. I feed and care for the young monkeys on a weekly basis, and it has been a joy.

But the new WordPress website we created for SIBU Sanctuary is where our efforts are having the most impact.

When it came to design, we knew that photography would play a huge role. Baby monkeys are adorable, and the website's home page slideshow is full of great monkey pictures, allowing site visitors to have an immediate emotional connection.

If you're lucky enough to be in the Nosara area, the site has a lot of information for you. There is a detailed section about sanctuary visits, culminating in a form allowing you to request a tour. There is also information on local projects and donations needing in-country donors and volunteers.

But even if you're thousands of miles away from the swinging, howling monkeys, the website still allows you to get involved. Our favorite feature is the Adopt-A-Monkey section. Several of the baby monkeys are offered for virtual adoption, and each one has a page with multiple photographs and a description of his or her story.

There are several different adoption levels and options, all powered by WooCommerce for WordPress with an easy-to-navigate public interface. The back end administration is a cinch too, meaning Sanctuary workers can efficiently update the website when needed, and then get back to their monkey business. The site is mobile-responsive and search-engine-optimized, allowing more people to find the site as they're surfing the web.

We're awfully proud to be associated with SIBU Sanctuary, and invite you to take a look at their website, adopt a monkey (or two!) and learn more about how they're helping the wildlife of Costa Rica.

If you have a non-profit organization and are looking for a WordPress website to help you connect with visitors and donors, let's talk.