Preparing Public Health Websites for Critical Communication

websites for public health

From East to West, Georgia's health districts continue to improve communication by enhancing their public health websites. Heideldesign has recently completed projects with the East Central Health District and the West Central Health District to launch new, WordPress-based sites. 

As government agencies serving a diverse audience, both health districts needed sites that were clean and easy to navigate. Health districts must also be ready to respond quickly and effectively to public health emergencies. From providing information on the Zika virus, to responding to a flu epidemic or biological terrorism, timely communication is critical. 

public health website design

Heideldesign created both sites on the WordPress content management platform, ensuring the site content is easy for public health administrators to update instantaneously. No more waiting for a web master from an outside company to answer your calls or emails for help with the site - these health districts have taken control of their own websites. They can now publish information to the public without outside assistance, day or night, in the office or remotely. 

health district website

These public health websites are also mobile responsive, ensuring that no matter how the public reaches the site - whether on a desktop, tablet or smartphone - people can get the information they need in a display designed just for their device.

Our client list includes many organizations in the government, public health and emergency preparedness sectors. We enjoy working with these clients, because we know we can give them the proper tools they need to effectively communicate with an online audience. 

If you'd like to know how we can help your organization prepare for both day-to-day and emergency communication, we'd love to talk with you.