Lee Heidel

Becoming Truly Global

Our one-sentence positioning statement sums up Heideldesign in a few brief words.

Heideldesign is a Savannah web design and development firm with a global focus.

It's direct and to the point. When we first wrote it, we knew that having local clients and a local identity was important. We love Savannah and wanted to make a difference where we lived. That said, we already had a diverse clientele from not only the Southeastern United States but from around the world. That's where the global concept came in to play.

Recently, we've been looking at the idea of increasing the "global focus" part of our company identity. For the next few months, our leadership team will be working from Costa Rica.

There are many reasons for this change. The view from our office is just one of them.

Costa Rica

Beyond the lush jungle scenery and Pacific Ocean breezes, we are striving to increase our understanding of the world beyond our home town. We want to discover how to influence lives throughout the world using our design and development backgrounds. Costa Rica is a perfect learning lab.

We're connecting with local schools, engaging with local thought leaders and volunteering our time and talents with nature and wildlife preserves. 

While we're early in our journey, we're looking forward to forging partnership roles with Del Mar Academy and SIBU Sanctuary. We can't wait to share those stories with you in the coming weeks.

Until then, you can follow along our adventures on Instagram with the hashtag #TemporaryTicos.

We want to thank our local Savannah clients that have supported us during our relocation period. We'll be back in our favorite city soon, with a few new stories to tell and exciting projects to showcase. Pura Vida!