New Design, New Features for Public Health Site


The Coastal Health District in Georgia was our first public health website, and this month we are excited to relaunch the site with a new design and back-end content management system.

The Coastal Health District encompasses 8 county health departments along Georgia's coast. Its community reach is large and its mission is multi-faceted; the District is involved in everything from ensuring the food safety of restaurants in tourist destinations, to promoting vaccinations and family planning, to helping the community prepare for natural disasters like hurricanes.

The district needed a site flexible enough to present information in all those areas, yet simple enough to be updated by in-house staff quickly and efficiently.

For this redesign and redevelopment, the site design was refreshed to include a moving home page slideshow, bolder colors and more imagery to add visual interest to the home page. The new site design is also mobile responsive, serving an optimal browsing experience for smartphone and tablet users.

But the biggest changes happened under the hood, with the installation of WordPress as the content management system and a series of plugins to add more specific functionality. The new events calendar is more user-friendly for both site administrators and the public, with the ability to sort events by date, county, and type. Each county in the district also has its own landing page, with county-specific information, links and news. This was important to allow each county to have some autonomy on the website.

Another key feature is a new emergency alert banner that can be quickly activated during an emergency situation. With one additional click, the communications team can put a bright banner at the top of every web page, alerting the public to an emergency public health message.

Up next, Heideldesign will redevelop the health district's internal employee Intranet, ensuring staff has access to important internal documents and messages in a professional web environment. The intranet will also feature a new employee directory, allowing staff from all 8 county health departments to easily connect with one another.

If you'd like to see more about our work on public health websites, visit our public health website page.