Public Health Website Updates Important During Disasters

As northeasterners hunkered down this week, bracing for blizzard conditions, you can bet many of them were going online for the latest information. Details change quickly in disasters, and websites have become invaluable for disseminating this evolving information immediately and effectively. It's not just good customer service - it can be life saving.

We have several clients in the public health industry, and in disasters like this week's blizzard, health departments are often involved in the establishment of public shelters. If there are environmental concerns after a disaster, public health is there providing advice and support. Communication is a vital component of all these services.

That's why we offer our public health clients a website emergency alert feature. With just a few clicks, website administrators can publish an urgent message at the top of every web page, in a bright banner that is easy for users to see. These urgent messages can also be sent to Facebook and Twitter accounts, allowing the agency to reach even more people in a quick, efficient manner. In a disaster, you don't want an out-of-date, clunky website that takes a lot of time and expertise to update. You need to be able to jump in, type the message, and send it immediately to the public. It can be - and should be - that easy.

If you are in public health or emergency management and need a website that performs well day-to-day and in disasters, then contact us for more information.