Lee Heidel

Using Technology to Discover the Past

On a recent project for the Georgia Historical Society, Heideldesign was tasked wtih revamping the society's extensive online database of roadside historical markers.

You've no doubt seen these plaques sitting atop poles throughout Savannah's historic district as well as on country roads in rural Georgia or beside stately homes in Atlanta. The historical markers tell the story of our collective past. Beginning in 1733 with they colony's founding by General James Oglethorpe, the events that have happened in Georgia have influenced the direction of the entire world.

The new historical markers website is powered by Wordpress and features a responsive web design layout where visitors to GeorgiaHistory.com can sort the markers by county, marker program, time period or broader geographic region. A targeted, plain text search is also available. The map updates in real time in response to queries. The graphic design integrates seamlessly with the existing website theme and scales dynamically for mobile, tablet and desktop.

Georgia Historical Marker Website

Users can click on any of the points of interest to learn more. Or, they can check off the locations of interest to them, enter a start and end point, and create a customizable driving map.

Heideldesign also developed a companion smartphone app to view the markers which is available for Apple iOS devices like iPhone and iPad as well as Android phones. The app contains the same ability to browse and sort markers as well as including a geo-targeting aspect to show the markers closest to the user's current location. 

Some of our favorite Georgia historical spots in Savannah include the home church for the composer of Jingle Bells, the birthplace of Girl Scouts founder Juliette Gordon Low and the charming Cockspur Island Lighthouse.

georgia historical marker app

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