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Savannah's Lucas Theatre Website is Encore Worthy

We love working with our local website design and development clients in Savannah, GA.

There's a refreshing shorthand that comes with a shared location. The ability to meet face to face means that no details are lost or misconstrued by tone. We can literally be "on the same page," looking over each other's shoulders to review, test drive and agree on project specifics.

It's hard to think of an institution more Savannah than the Lucas Theatre. Sitting at the edge of Reynolds Square since 1921, the movie house turned fine arts emporium has provided an opulent experience for patrons to enjoy music, dance, theater and yes, films for generations. When the Lucas team came to Heideldesign for help moving to a new web server, implementing a new graphic design and a developing handful of new features, we were thrilled.

Lucas Theatre

The previous incarnation of the Lucas Theatre website was built on Wordpress, the easy to use content management system used by tens of thousands of websites worldwide. We stuck with that software to make the transition simple for the staff. The existing content could all be moved over with little more than a click.

We adapted design files created by the client to a modern, responsive Wordpress theme based on the Foundation framework. That theme includes custom post types and fields for managing upcoming events, the history slideshow and image galleries.

Working with the simple syntax and reliable results from Wordpress and Foundation meant that we could quickly adapt client design changes as they were requested during the development phase through post launch.

The end result is a visually attractive website that is easy to use, simple to navigate and works great on phones, tablets or the largest desktop computer.

Visit LucasTheatre.com for yourself and check out not only the great new look and feel; but also find an upcoming show and visit the grandeur of the Lucas in person. It's a true Savannah treasure and we're happy to have played a small part in its story.

The best part? We think the client likes it, too...

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