Lee Heidel

Empowering Authors at WriteLoud


Over the past few months, we've begun building a new platform to help authors easily and economically create their own websites.

Introducing: WriteLoud

WriteLoud provides a foundation of website publishing tools specifically tailored to the needs of book authors - both self-published authors and those working with traditional publishing companies. More than a basic blogging package, the web-based software allows writers to create dedicated promotional pages for one to dozens of books. The customizations include:

  • Linking to multiple online retailers to drive sales
  • Displaying high-resolution graphics of book covers and jackets
  • Effectively including sample chapters, reviews and video trailers

We spent time with authors to find out what they really needed in a website. We focused on those areas and eliminated excesses for a lean, simple solution.

Customizable Author Websites
The basic WriteLoud plan allows the author to choose from one of ten different base designs. Those base designs are further customized with author photos and art adapted from their books. 100% custom designs are also available for those who want additional options.

Inexpensive Author Websites
WriteLoud offers only two price tiers. The costs are plainly stated, with no hidden fees. Compared to the expense of hiring an independent developer to create a site with all of the WriteLoud features from scratch, authors benefit from collective pricing. The platform is already built and they reap the financial benefit.

Full Website Support for Authors
WriteLoud respects that the primary responsibility for authors is their craft. That's why WriteLoud handles all of the minutiae of setting up and running websites for its clients. A dedicated support channel ensure that FAQs, tutorials and direct help are always available.

To find out more about author websites by WriteLoud, visit WriteLoud.com. We're excited about the future of publishing and proud to play a part in empowering authors to sell, promote and continue their important work.