Lee Heidel

Syndicating Content with Movable Type

Movable Type Nut LogoMovable Type has long provided various RSS feed templates to help you share your website content. But what if you want other websites (even those run by the non-tech-savvy) to run your articles seamlessly on their pages as if they were their own posts?

We've been asked that by a couple of clients lately. They're looking to expand their publishing businesses into the syndication realm. Using Movable Type custom templates and javascript, we've found a way to make that possible - and easy to boot.

Now, there are lots of ways to syndicate content from one website to another. But most of them rely on the receiving site to have a strong command of different technical concepts or have a programmer on-hand for integration. They may need an RSS parser or special plugin for their CMS to make it happen. It's a case-by-case issue that can be frustrating and limit the number of sites with which you can share articles.

Our solution is simple. The partner websites simply install one line of javascript on their site. Your Movable Type CMS does the rest. You publish your content just like always and the appropriate articles are automatically updated across your entire syndication network.

If you'd like to learn more about how we can help you turn your Movable Type installation into a wide-reaching syndication platform, let's talk.