Lee Heidel

Managing Client Requests

For the last twelve years (!) of our existence, Heideldesign has relied on email, office visits and phone calls to communicate with our clients. We have an internal collaboration system for our designers, developers and staff to discuss project milestones and major work cases. However, we've never automated our system of ongoing client requests.

Today we're launching our Help Desk. It's an online ticketing tool that allows clients to easily input minor website requests directly to our staff. This support system enables any member of our team to see items waiting for action and get them handled quickly and efficiently.

There are ranging estimates of how many emails get "lost" in the ether. And, as much as we like to take notes in client meetings, some details may never make it into our notebooks. This new system helps everyone stay on top of pending work and new feature implementation or requests for assistance.  As we watch our support system grow, we'll continually add information to the Knowledgebase, allowing many questions to be answered by clients without ever issuing a ticket.

We're excited about this new tool and providing even better service to our clients.