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Website Backups Are Your First Line of Defense

Posted by Lee Heidel in Software on Sep 07, 2018

While there are many things you can do to strengthen your website's security against a malicious hack, it is important to have website backups on hand and be ready if a worst-case scenario hits your site.

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What is the Best Way to Show Videos on My Website?

Posted by Ginger in Blogging, Software on Apr 18, 2018

One question we often get from clients - what's the best way to show videos on my website? Should I upload the video file directly to a page? Or should I use a third-party streaming service like YouTube or Vimeo? Our answer: let the third-party streaming services do all the work for you. Here's why.

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Small Business E-Commerce

Posted by Lee Heidel in Software on Nov 01, 2013 | No Comments

Looking for a full-featured, enterprise class storefront on a cheap shared hosting server? Sorry, we won't do that.

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Flash on iOS Devices. Apple Has it Right.

Posted by Lee Heidel in Hardware, Software on Jun 25, 2010 | No Comments

Security and stability are the main reasons why Apple wants to keep Flash off of the iPhone. Those two reasons are good enough for me.

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iDisplay for iPad Review

Posted by Lee Heidel in Software on Apr 08, 2010 | No Comments

A video review of iDisplay, an application for iPhone and iPad which allows the connected device to be used as an external monitor. It works! Sort of.

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