Lee Heidel

Rolemommy Gets a Fresh Coat of Paint

Beth Feldman's Rolemommy has been a client since 2008 and during that time the site has become one of our favorite mom blogs. Over the past five years, we've continually worked to improve Rolemommy's user experience, for visitors and authors alike. From Movable Type development to optimizing sponsor ad placements, we've strived to give Beth and her team the best possible platform for spreading their message of empowerment for mothers.


The one thing that we've never touched was the Rolemommy brand. It came to us fully formed when we started our relationship; but with time, the business-suited, briefcase toting mom pushing a stroller no longer fit with the more grown-up themes of the website. The pink and baby blue palette further echoed the newborn aesthetic. They needed something more evergreen, less literal and more apt to age along with the audience.

rolemommy logo
Finally, we got the chance to update the logo that we'd long wanted to tackle. We chose a a simple mark constrained within a circle housing the R and M letters and a palette of purple and teal selected by the client. This much more simple design will translate easier onto all type of projects: from new subordinate graphics to printed materials.