Rise of the Mommy Blogs

From complaining about poop to ruling the world, Mommy blogs are big business. We can get you to the next level.

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Motherhood is a powerful, transformative experience, and one that has bonded moms together through shared joys and struggles for centuries. But you no longer have to schedule a playdate to dish with a girlfriend about Tommy's potty training troubles or where you found that great diaper bag or how on earth you're going to manage once your maternity leave is over. You just have to open your laptop.

What may have begun as a way to share photos of the kids and their stories with grandma has burgeoned into a mommy-blogging empire. While most moms still blog just for fun, some are now blogging for business.

What sets these two types of mommy-bloggers apart? Lots. First of all, you need to publish a large amount of unique content to get the kind of web traffic that attracts advertisers. That's why our mommy-blogging clients use the content management system Movable Type. This web-based, virtual software lets you log in and publish new content instantly, with very little learning curve. After all, what mom has time to learn a complicated web publishing system? THERE ARE DIAPERS TO CHANGE AND SCIENCE PROJECTS TO BUILD.

With Movable Type, you can easily add photos and videos to your posts (because your kids are the cutest, right?), and organize all that content into a simple, user-friendly structure. We can help you design a page with ample space for advertisements so you can begin monetizing your mommy blog.

You also need a site built properly for search engine optimization. There are a lot of mommy blogs out there, but using Movable Type's search engine tools can help your blog get noticed.

Client Examples

Cool Mom PicksCoolMomPicks.com is a shopping blog by moms for moms. The two women who created the site have great ideas and advice, but as parents, free time is in short supply. So we developed a dynamic site that is still simple to manage. The site is powered by Movable Type, which handles the main blog, a comprehensive archive search feature, a shop, ads and more. Visit CoolMomPicks.com to see an example of a mommy blog that's all grown up.

RolemommyRole Mommy is an online community dedicated to working moms, helping them find the balance between work and home life. The site's creator, Beth Feldman is a busy mom herself, raising two children and writing two books. Her site uses Movable Type to organize numerous categories, from a blog, to news and events and more. See how she uses Movable Type to achieve balance on her website at RoleMommy.com.