Lee Heidel

Website Design for Health and Education

At the beginning of 2013, we're looking back at some of our favorite website launches of the last twelve months. One of those projects was the Cochlear Implant School Toolkit. It combines e-commerce and online learning tools with a traditional content management system backbone.

ci school toolkit

For the CMS we chose Movable Type 5. This was largely due to the ease of cloning blogs under the umbrella of one main website. Our extensive experience with Movable Type made it a simple setup process and allowed development to move quickly once the design was approved. The graphic design phase was interesting in that the site needed to appeal to teachers, parents and also students. That's a wide-ranging demographic set! We settled on a fresh palette of light blues and lime green and using vibrant color photographs. The text is large and easy on the eyes, bridging the gap between fun and professional.

In addition to static pages, the site uses quizzes to ask questions of the site visitor and provide immediate feedback to guide them in the right direction. The linear nature of the site is meant to educate like a traditional book, with segmented chapters, and then reinforce learning through these short questionnaires. 

The site also features a Paypal-powered store which makes listing and purchasing virtual and physical products easy. Social sharing buttons are found throughout the site to facilitate promoting website content on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and via email. There's also a forum/message board for parents and teachers to ask questions with full featured user accounts allowing registration, log in and profile updates.

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