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Solutions for Content-Rich Sites

Heideldesign empowers your staff writers with easy to use tools and dynamic content solutions.

Active community weblogs can easily produce 50 posts per day. The online arm of traditional print and magazine entities can publish more than 300 website entries per day. It doesn't take long for that content to get lost in a maze of archives and broken links. To keep from being a casualty of information overload, you need a plan that effectively covers content creation, organization and usability. And don't forget SEO customizations, image galleries and mobile accessibility.

We're unabashed fans of Movable Type for content creators of all sizes. One of the chief reasons for our devotion is the software's ability to scale and manage tens of thousands of blog posts, comments and forum threads. Movable Type was originally built as blogging software; but it has matured into a product capable of managing articles, static pages, complex dynamic templates and assets like PDFs, images and video files.

Websites with thousands of pages can produce major headaches for site admins, authors, server technicians and, most importantly, your readers. Heideldesign provides the technical expertise, design and management skills to alleviate that stress by creating simple systems for managing your site content. We can make it not only easy to find; but also easy to leverage archive content to enhance new content.

Once you have your site pages, posts, assets and articles effectively categorized, tagged and separated at a system level, you can then customize how that content is received by your readers. You can create specific channels, or portals, tailored specifically to narrative themes, locations or specific user interests. Custom RSS feeds, integration with social media like Facebook and Twitter and mobile device access can all be easily achieved with the right content strategies.

Publish Once with MT

Heideldesign believes in a create once, publish everywhere philosophy. Your authors and editors should only have to add one entry to your CMS one time. Submitting your content to aggregators and social networking sites then happens automatically behind the scenes. This frees up your staff to work on new content or bask in the glow of their newfound reach.

If you'd like to learn more about what Heideldesign can do for content-intensive websites like online newspapers, interactive magazines or community and group blogs, Let's Talk.

Client Examples

World Property Channel
World Property Channel

World Property Channel is a real estate news and listings portal with a global focus. The site is published in five language editions, all built on Movable Type. Movable Type allows ultimate flexibility with their content, from aggregating related news on property listings to creating syndication feeds and powering mobile apps.
Home Theater Review
Home Theater Review

Home Theater Review houses one of the most thorough libraries of audio and video hardware reviews in the world. It also features a growing database of dealers and installers, all managed by Movable Type. They syndicate their content to partner sites and have a dynamic ratings feature.