Heideldesign Recognized by Creators of Movable Type

Pardon us if we're blushing a bit.

Here at Heideldesign, we build websites with the content management system Movable Type because it's easy to use, powerful and extensible. In fact, we've become Movable Type experts over the years - but don't just take our word for it.

Six Apart, the makers of Movable Type, just highlighted Heideldesign as a case study of creative, innovative and successful MT application.

Here's what they're saying about us.

"Today, the firm uses Movable Type 4 to enable a range of content-rich web applications for a wide customer base, and continues to explore new creative territory on the Movable Type platform.

"Heideldesign has made it their mission to investigate innovative ways to publish and manage content with the goal of delivering creative solutions that fit the unique needs of each client."

Aw shucks!

Click here to read the entire profile, including a showcase of three of our clients.