Your Questions Answered

questions answered

No two web design projects are the same. Your business is unique and your website should be too, which is why we issue custom proposals for all our projects. But through the years and the hundreds of proposals we've submitted, there are a few questions that come up frequently.

If you're interested in a website quote, here are answers to common questions about how we operate at Heideldesign. Once you're ready for a custom quote, or if you'd just like to talk with us about your project, use our quote request form to get in touch.


1. Will my design be unique?

Yes. We aren't using a pre-built website design. We'll build your design from scratch in order to best meet your specific needs and match your unique branding.

2. Will my design work on mobile devices?

Yes. All of our designs are now built to be mobile responsive, ensuring a clean, tailored browsing experience for smartphone and tablet users.

3. Who provides the content?

The client is responsible for content, including stock photography and illustrations. However, Heideldesign can assist with procurement of appropriate stock images and illustrations if needed.

4. Can I update my web content myself after launch?

Yes. Our sites are built with content management systems that you can update yourself if you want to add content, and part of our basic package includes training to show you how to make the updates, if desired.

5. What if I don't want to make updates to my site - is that a service you provide?

Yes. We can provide periodic site content updates for you at our hourly rate, if desired. Or, you can purchase hours in bulk at a discount.

6. What about ongoing site maintenance?

You are not obligated to pay Heideldesign any ongoing maintenance charges if you choose not to sign up for any ongoing maintenance plans. However, we strongly recommend WordPress software upgrades and Security Certificate Maintenance. These are outlined in the proposal in greater detail, but WordPress software maintenance is important for keeping your site less vulnerable to hacking attempts, and Security Certificate Maintenance is critical for search engine success.

7. Do you offer website hosting?

No, but we will help you get set up with a host provider. Hosting refers to the server space where your website files are located so your site can be accessed by the internet. Many website design companies want you to use their hosting service, but we think it's better for the client to have control over his/her own hosting files. That way, if you choose to work with another developer in the future, you retain control of your own website.

8. Do you offer domain name registration?

No. As with hosting, we think it is important for the client to maintain control of his/her own domain name. However, we can assist if you need help registering a domain name.