Website Design for Public Agencies


Government agencies face unique challenges when it comes to building a website. Their target audience is vast and varied - from professionals and partner agencies, to the mom looking for back-to-school vaccination information, to a farm worker needing a tuberculosis test.

It's not easy for one website to be appealing to so many different people, but it's not impossible. The site needs to be professional and modern without being too trendy or confusing. The navigation needs to be simple and clear, and the site should be accessible to people with disabilities.

At Heideldesign, we got our start designing for government agencies, and we cut our teeth building websites that catered to wide audiences. We were taught the importance of building websites that could be navigated by people with disabilities using screen readers. We're familiar with the intricacies of building a site that must work for everyone, rather than just serving a niche audience.

There are as many different ways to build a website as there are to build a house. Heideldesign builds all our websites with the proper code foundation for ADA compliance and for search engine success. Our sites include mobile optimization, meaning that every user gets a tailored display whether they access the site on a desktop computer in the public library, a smartphone device as they commute to work, or a tablet while they surf the web at home. We help our clients understand how to use keywords to maximize their search engine rank.

We have more than 15 years experience developing websites for government agencies. We can help unlock your website's potential, because we understand the challenges and opportunities in front of you. Let's talk.