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CAHBA Project Overview


California Health Benefit Advisors (CAHBA) has been a client of Heideldesign since 2011. That initial project saw us create the branding and identity for the company along with the intial site design using Movable Type.

In 2015, they contracted with us again to refresh their website design with a mobile-responsive layout and develop an interactive online insurance quoting application.

We used Zurb's Foundation as the underlying HTML, Javascript and CSS framework. Foundation gave us the ability to start off with a battle-hardened codebase for menus and other repeated elements. Foundation 5 is mobile-first, which meant we could preview the site at all resolutions throughout the development process. No Photoshop or other grahpic prototyping stage was needed. Foundation allowed us to jump right into coding.

The quote request form had its own set of challenges, from limiting input to California residents to parsing annual incomes and assigning subsidy levels to generate "fair share" payment amounts and integrating with Quotit.com. Watch a video of the site visitor work flow below.

CAHBA CEO Phil Daigle was pleased with the project outcome, saying:

The new website design is very good and the seamless implementation was super good.

Thanks for a job well done.

Super good. We'll take it.

To view the site for yourself, visit CAHBA.com. To find out how Heideldesign can help you with your next project, let's talk.

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