Lee Heidel

Savannah Morning News Talks Mobile Apps

Savannah Morning News App StoryThe Savannah Morning News was kind enough to include Heideldesign in their Sunday story on mobile app development to promote local businesses.

You can read the full story here: Market growing for Savannah-centric mobile apps. Below are a few quotes and Heideldesign related bits.

"We're moving toward convergence," said Lee Heidel, whose Heideldesign created an app for the 2011 Savannah Music Festival. "Phones went from something to use to talk - to something to get information from. Now we'll see more and more and in some unexpected places."

"These multi-function phones with touch screens have really changed the ballgame," Heidel said. "You can use the device in a way that's much more human. Usability used to be a major impediment because learning to use the device was so frustrating. Now the learning curve is a lot shorter. You look for an excuse to use the phone to do more things in your life."

Incorporating as many functions as possible in the simplest package is vital. For example, Heideldesign's Savannah Music Festival app allowed users to buy tickets, learn about venues and performers, view and listen to archived performances and connect via a social media channel.

Adam was a great interviewer and had a lot of interesting thoughts about mobile development and the ever-shifting role of journalism in the online sphere. You can follow him on Twitter @smndaddywarbuck