How to Present Your New Website Project to a Web Developer

When a potential client contacts us about a web project, we're often asked, "How much does a new website cost?" It's a fair question, but not a simple one to answer. In some ways, it would be like asking a builder, "How much for a new house?" There are many variables that affect price, like size, building materials and features.

questionmark.jpgThe same is true for websites - two sites may share many commonalities. However, they may also share just as many differences. After all, that's why you want to work with a developer, right? You're looking for a custom product that fits your unique needs.

But if you're not a web programmer, you may find it difficult  - even intimidating - to articulate your project scope.  Here are some simple questions you should ask yourself before you contact a developer. Knowing the answers will help you communicate your project needs more easily.

1. What will be the primary purpose of your new website? Are you hoping to educate? Promote your business? Sell a product? Tell a story?

2. Who is your target audience? Many sites cater to several audience types, and that's okay too. Are your users likely to be younger? Older? Web savvy or easily daunted? Knowing your audience is important, because we can use that information to help tailor your site for success with various users.

3. What do you expect people to do on your site? Is there an action you want them to take? A message you hope will be conveyed? Do you want them to contact you? Sign up for something? Learn about a topic?

4. Will you be selling any products on your site?

5. Who is your direct competition? It's often very important to see what your competitors are doing so we can determine how best to give you an edge.

6. Do you have any "inspiration sites?" This one can be quite helpful for designers and developers because it gives them an idea of your personal design style. Inspiration sites, simply put, are sites you like. You may not be a web programmer, but you are a web consumer and you know a good site when you see one. So what do you consider to be a "good site?" What are the reasons that site appeals to you? Inspiration sites can cover more than design too. You may like functionality, like an embedded photo slideshow, even if you don't like the design. So let us know that too.

Your web developer will likely have more questions to ask before issuing a proposal. But thinking through the topics outlined here will help you get the conversation rolling - and that puts you one step closer to launching your new website.

If you'd like us to issue a proposal for your web project, please fill out our online quote request form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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