Lee Heidel

Eating the Dogfood

Skydive Vietnam, BFR above Nha Trang

Image by divemasterking2000 via Flickr

We've tried this before. Once. And it didn't go so well. In fact, we never shared the URL of our old blog. *Sigh* Time for something new.

Starting today, we're giving it another whirl and making it public. Our plan is to use the Heideldesign blog as a deposit box for our ideas on internet marketing, project reviews and tutorials. Fingers crossed. Stepping out of the airplane into the unknown. Let's hope it goes well.

We've been using Movable Type as our preferred content management solution for almost a decade and we've never maintained a serious business blog. Instead, we've leveraged MT for more traditional websites. In fact, barely a tenth of our clients maintain any sort of blog; but 85% of them have access to Movable Type.

Movable Type was built for blogging. It's easy to get in and write content and manage feedback. That simplicity is why we've long preferred it over traditional CMS offerings. There's almost no learning curve for a new author. We have no excuses. We should have been doing this for years.

So, thanks for reading and joining us. Feel free to ask questions in the comments. We have high hopes for this blogging thing. One day, it's really going to catch on. :)