Savannah Resources

Online directories can help Savannah businesses get local information fast.

The internet age has made the desire for instant gratification stronger than ever. However, when you're searching for local information, wading through results of international variety simply defeats the promise of immediate satisfaction. The following are several directories that put the focus on Savannah and save time and effort for local businesses.

search Savannah is a social bookmarking service which allows users to share favorite websites. Fitz Haile of TCCi maintains the user Savannah. The bookmarks are separated by tags (or categories). Savannah-centric business listings include web, wellness, and organizations and a whole lot more. [1]

Savannah Wi-Fi Locations
Wireless internet hotspots are plentiful in Savannah, but by no means do we have umbrella coverage. If you need to check out your destination before leaving the office, be sure to review TCCi's master list.

News Syndication
There are many sites that "syndicate" (gather from remote sources) news and information based on topic. There are software news readers that fill this purpose as well. Two examples include and TCCi's Syndication Page. You can also syndicate targeted news from locations like Yahoo News and Google News.

Beware of Generic Directories
Often in the search for local Savannah information, you will be presented with a listing of organizations in a paid directory. Very rarely will these listings offer any significant information in a useful format. The higher placement links are not "earned" as in search engines.

So, good luck in your search for local information. There are many avenues to choose from. Whether you prefer syndicated sites or going directly to the source, the current state of technology makes it fast and easy to find what you're looking for...if you know how.

1. Thanks to Fluxura for the tip.