Creating Buzz with "Fanclubs"

Does your business have a fanclub? Not necessarily a card-carrying army of obsessed pre-teens (although that would be nice), you can use your brand, customers and incentives to build a grown-up version of the classic fanclub.

fans.jpgYour Volunteer Sales Force
First of all, determine if your business is suited to a fanclub (or volunteer sales force, or "friends" - whatever terminology you prefer). Do you provide a service or sell a product that has people raving? Do you find yourself with a large percentage or repeat-business? Are word-of-mouth referrals one of your strongest marketing strategies? If so, or if you want them to be, fanclubs may be a smart solution.

Fanclub Central
So, how does this fanclub concept fit in with your website? Your website can serve as the hub of operations for your volunteers. A private, password protected section lets them feel a sense of community. Providing message boards, chat facilities and other social networking tools allows them to communicate with each other as well as receive directed messages from your business.

Providing incentives is a great way to motivate your fanclub. Offer a free product or service in exchange for referrals. Give your volunteers a way to track their status and leads online.

More Information
Would you like to learn more about fanclubs and how they can enhance your marketing strategy? Contact Heideldesign for more information.