Cooking Up Web Content

Need to create content for your website but don't feel inspired? Get some helpful hints on overcoming writer's block for your website or weblog.

creative web content"Writer's block" or simply "not knowing what to write" is the most common reason websites go un-updated. Useful, well-written and timely content helps your web site's search engine ranking and makes it a valuable tool for visitors. Here are some recipes for cooking up exciting new website content.

Draw from Conversations - Is there a regular topic you discuss with clients? A frequently asked question to expand upon? By using content created in casual conversation, it is easy to translate into an opinion or instruction into written words.

Look at Pictures - Flip through a catalog, search the web for images by keyword, or stop by a photo gallery. Still images can be very inspirational. In fact, this article was inspired by the bowl of seasoning photo above (get it? Cooking Up Web Content...).

Keep an Idea File - For those lucky times when you're full of ideas and inspiration, write down your unused topics and keep them in an 'idea file.' That way, you can pull one out on an uninspired day and jump-start the process.

Bring in Help - If all else fails, get someone else to do it! A guest-author is a great hook for columns and weblogs. Getting another point of view from a well-regarded source helps to boost your credibility and allows you to expand into topics of their expertise.