Adding an E-Newsletter to your Marketing Toolbox

Boost your brand, position yourself as an expert, stay in touch with your clients - and do it all for far less than most traditional marketing campaigns with an email newsletter.

Why an email newsletter?
An E-Newsletter can be an effective online marketing strategy because it gives you an opportunity to forge a direct link between your company and your customers. Quality information and advice helps customers see you as an expert and a valuable resource in your field.

You can also offer special incentives that not only get your customers to come back to you, but reward them for being loyal to your business. The E-Newsletter provides many opportunities to link back to your website, which increases your web traffic and reminds people they can count on your site as a resource.

If your website utilizes Movable Type, you can use the system to create your newsletter with the added benefit of an automatic on-site archive. This gives new users access to previous editions, enhances your website content offerings, and is another way to drive more traffic to your site.

And finally, E-Newsletters are less expensive than traditional newsletters because there's no paper, printing or mailing involved.

What should be in my E-Newsletter?
Your E-Newsletter must be interesting and provide value to the customer, otherwise, it's not much better than spam. Don't just try to sell things through the E-Newsletter, because you may come across as too pushy. Instead, offer tips, advice and other insight into your field of expertise.

However, a few key discounts or special offers are a great way to entice customers to not only patronize your business, but stay on your mailing list too. Creative, personal writing is another big plus. Let your business' personality shine through, and your customers are likely to respond.

How will I know if my E-Newsletter is successful?
One of the keys to a successful email newsletter is having lots of subscribers. Enforce with your staff how important it is to get an email address whenever they have contact with a customer. Add a "register for our newsletter" form on your website as well. You may have a fantastic newsletter, but if no one is signed up, then you're wasting your time.

Once you have an acceptable number of subscribers, we recommend sending the newsletter through one of several campaign monitoring websites which can provide excellent feedback and reports. These reports can instantly show you everything from how many people opened the newsletter and when, to which links they clicked on most.


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