Web Design Process

The five key milestones of web development projects.

We're commonly asked about our web design process. While projects rarely take the exact same path, the following five steps are common milestones that you can expect.

1. Client Proposal
Based on our initial discussions and research, we will cultivate a proposal based on your project's technical requirements, conversion goals and aesthetics.

2. Contract Signing
A contract keeps everyone on task and aware of the specific deliverables and timelines. We provide a customized contract for your project that is tailored for your job.

3. Mock-up Development
After contract signing and a project downpayment, we immediately begin work on your website's graphic identity. We'll work closely with you during this step to make sure the aesthetic (look and feel) and user interface requirements meet your approval.

4. Coding and Development
Next, we will turn the graphic design into a fully functioning website. This step includes all programming and database work.

5. Training and Launch
We'll take time to train you and your staff how to use your site's Content Management System (if provided) and answer any questions. Once you're comfortable maintaining your site, we'll make it "live" and submit it to search engines.

It's that easy. Heideldesign guides you through the process by communicating extensively along the way. If this is your first website project or another in a long string of launches, Heideldesign will make every effort to make the process effortless and the end product a success.