ProjectSend Consulting, Design and Integration

Does your business need its own Dropbox alternative for sharing large files? ProjectSend may be the perfect solution.

Project Send

If your business regularly needs to transfer large files to customers, services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Media Fire, We Transfer or YouSend are great products. After all, sending large files by email is slow and can cause all kinds of problems with storage limits and spam filters. On top of that, many large organizations block access to file sharing sites like Dropbox for security reasons. If you've dealt with these problems, ProjectSend may be a good fit for you and your clients.

ProjectSend is large file transferring software that you host on your own server.

That means the URL is the same as your business website and you control the product's settings, users and design. It gives you the ability to easily add clients and administrators with different roles and abilities. You can then upload files like videos, zip files, or uncompressed images and assign them to specific clients, or all users. The files are then downloadable with a click. Statistics are included to show you when files were uploaded and downloaded and which users performed those actions. That provides a layer of accountability and confirmation for both your staff and clients. 

If you're looking for a consultant to help you install and configure ProjectSend, Heideldesign can help. In addition to basic setup, we can also work with you to customize the design and branding for ProjectSend to match your company's existing website. Finally, we can provide ProjectSend training, helpful tips and documentation to make the software an integral part of your workflow. 

You can learn more about the core offerings at ProjectSend's website. If you'd like to learn more about Heideldesign's ProjectSend consulting, design and integration services, contact us today.