Heidel Named to Board of Directors

Heideldesign owner Lee Heidel has been named to the board of directors at Notre Dame Academy in Savannah, GA.

Heideldesign owner Lee Heidel has been named to the board of directors for Notre Dame Academy in Savannah, GA.

Heidel was chosen because of his strong technology background, as well as experience in the education sector. Before launching Heideldesign, he was an educator for a private school in Gainesville, GA and received his BFA in Art Education from the University of Georgia in 1998.

Notre Dame is the only Catholic pre-kindergarten through eighth-grade school in Savannah, Ga., whose main shareholders are African American. It is located in an area with a strong sense of its own cultural identity, which in recent years is being revitalized. In the school's catchment area, there is a rebirth of a strong sense of community and a desire for enrichment.

The school's population has traditionally been drawn from the African-American community and now, as the Thomas Square community is experiencing resurgence, its demographics covers a more diverse range of backgrounds. Because of its history and reputation for delivering quality education in the inner city, Notre Dame Academy has become a part of the cultural fabric of Savannah. It is a school where "weak students get stronger and good students get better."

-- School description via SavannahNOW.com.

Heidel looks forward to providing technological and fine arts guidance to the academy, as well as contribute to financial and policy decisions.

Lee Heidel is currently the owner and principle designer/developer for Heideldesign, a Savannah web design firm. The group specializes in Section 508 and content accessibility for the internet.

For more information on Heideldesign's services, Mr. Heidel can be reached by phone at 912-484-2961, or via email at info@heideldesign.com.