Lee Heidel

Building Rock Solid Websites with Movable Type

rock solid movable type

Threats to your website are very real.

Hackers, spammers and malcontents of all sorts actively strive to corrupt databases, steal content and take servers offline. Even if you think your company is not a high-value target, your website is still very much at risk. Many of these attacks are driven by 'bots that are automated and do not discriminate based on the nature of your business or how many site visitors you receive. These scripts are mindless and looking for only one thing: a backdoor into your online home. Mom and pop businesses are just as likely to receive hacking attempts as government or financial institutions.

Once your database or system files have been compromised, the hacks can manifest themselves in a number of ways. From simply wreaking havok by making your website inaccessible to using your server as a base to distribute malware, the threat level ranges from mere prank to the very serious theft of sensitive customer data.

If you have a mission-critical website that needs to always be available, even during an attack, Movable Type is an excellent choice.

The Movable Type CMS creates and serves static pages to site visitors. This means that server-intensive database calls are minimized along with vulnerable paths of communication. Even if your back-end database goes down, your customer-facing website can stay up.

Some of our largest clients use Movable Type to manage their content and keep valuable assets hidden away from hacking attempts. If you're tired of monitoring and applying the frequent security patches that other systems require, we invite you to contact us and find out how Movable Type can keep your data, customers and content safe.