March 2015 Archives

Savannah Music Festival 2015

Posted by Lee Heidel in Savannah on Mar 26, 2015

The Savannah Music Festival is one of our favorite events of the year. Over the course of two weeks, our sleepy little southern town plays host to hundreds of musicians from all over the world that come to share...

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5 Wordpress Plugins that Make Our Jobs Easier

Posted by Lee Heidel in Wordpress on Mar 09, 2015

These are the Wordpress plugins we find ourselves going back to time and again to get projects off the ground fast.

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Empowering Authors at WriteLoud

Posted by Lee Heidel in Heideldesign on Mar 02, 2015

Over the past few months, we've slowly been building out a new platform to help authors easily and economically create their own websites. Introducing: WriteLoud

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