Lee Heidel

The Magic of Web Slideshows


Are you looking for a way to increase time on site and lower bouncerate? The solution may be image slideshows. 

Slideshows are a great method to increase involvement from website visitors because (first and foremost) users like them! The act of browsing visual stimuli is a natural and logical way to process information. Slideshows are perfect for site owners because manually driven slideshows increase user engagement. This engagement means more clicks and more time spent in front of advertisements.

We recently created a slideshow system for one of our Movable Type clients, Home Theater Review. To create these slideshows, staff quickly uploads images, assigns related tags and attaches the images to a page or entry via the same tagging system. 

The Movable Type templates automatically create the slideshow on the fly upon publishing the content. 

It's fast. It's easy. It's useful. So easy, Home Theater Review created dozens of slideshows in just a few days. Check them out!

To find out more about how you can get an analytics boost from slideshows, contact us today.