Lee Heidel

Creating Video Overviews for Websites

As your website visitors continue to increase in savvy and the tools available to enhance user experience and design continue to evolve, it may seem that "advertising" your website's features is overkill.

However, maybe you have a brand new online service or want to direct users through a specific set of steps. A video overview is a great tool to point users in the right direction, give them confidence in the process and enhance your reputation for being user-friendly.

In a recent project for World Property Channel, we created a short video to advertise their syndication program. It's informative, graphically rich and succinctly illustrates the program's highlights.

In two minutes and ninteen seconds, we were able to:

  • Define the ideal candidate for the service
  • Explain the service and its benefits
  • Detail the steps to signing up
  • Show relevant, existing examples of the service in action

You can watch the video below. If you have a project that may benefit from a similar overview video, let's talk.