February 2013 Archives

Migrating from Movable Type 4 to 5 on Pair Hosting

Posted by Lee Heidel in Movable Type on Feb 26, 2013 | No Comments

Learn how to upgrade Movable Type 4 to Movable Type 5 using Pair Hosting's Software Installation Manager.

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The End of an Era: Saying Goodbye to Typepad Anti-Spam

Posted by Lee Heidel in Blogging, Movable Type, Web Services on Feb 19, 2013 | No Comments

The venerable Typepad Anti-Spam service for Movable Type is moving to Impermium. Akismet is a worthy replacement.

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Adding Endorsements on LinkedIn

Posted by Lee Heidel in Social Networking on Feb 11, 2013 | No Comments

Has your inbox been flooded with messages from LinkedIn lately? Endorsements are the new recommendations. Find out how they work.

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