Lee Heidel

Designing a Recruitment Portal


Heideldesign was recently tasked with designing a recruitment portal for Dallas-based consulting firm DeWolff Boberg & Associates. The result is JoinDBA.com.

The website serves two purposes. The first is to educate perspective employees about the job requirements of being a member of the DB&A team including their unique corporate culture. The second is to create an easy application process and workflow for both the applicant and the human resources staff. 

The application form is comprised of a few dozen text input, select and radio fields along with a resume upload function. Error messages alert the applicant to missing or incomplete items. Once the form is successfully submitted, DB&A staff members are alerted by email. They can then log in to the site to review the application, add notes and assign an interview date. They can also export their applicant data to Excel or PDF with a single click. Ease of use was our primary objective and with more than two hundred submitted applications in the first month, the site has exceeded our expectations.

The JoinDBA website uses device detection to serve a special stylesheet to mobile devices like iPhones and Android phones. The re-organized content flow makes it easy to interact with the site and even watch videos while using a small screen.

In today's job market there are more applicants than ever. While there's no shortage of available, qualified individuals looking for work, it's still important to promote your business as a preferred career environment. That goal is achieved by creating a website that clearly explains your company's mission as well as the positions that need to be filled. Every company has a personality and JoinDBA.com positions this consulting firm as a premier employer.