Lee Heidel

Congratulations Dustin!

Dustin also wins the award for best avatar with this pic of him in Ladakh
For the last two years, we have been extremely honored to have Dustin Larimer serve as a design and development contractor at Heideldesign. Dustin came to us for part-time work while he pursued his Design Management MFA degree from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). He graduated last week and we are extremely proud of all that he has achieved.

It would be impossible to summarize all that Dustin has allowed us to do during his tenure. Our portfolio has grown to include larger clients with more complex needs, thanks to his well-researched and spot-on website design concepts and quick-thinking problem solving.  Dustin excelled in every situation we forced upon him, always coming up with innovative solutions by asking the right questions. He is just as comfortable hammering out a wire-frame in Illustrator as sifting through jQuery plugins. It is very rare to find someone with his combined talents, aptitude for learning and positive attitude. We hope that we didn't take him for granted too often.

While we're not quite ready to say goodbye to him, we know that his future will be very bright, wherever it takes him. You can follow Dustin on Twitter and Flickr in addition to his personal website.