Lee Heidel

Six Apart is now SAY Media

There was big news in the world of Movable Type this week, as parent company Six Apart merged with advertising company VideoEgg. The new entity will be known as SAY Media.

SAY Media wasted no time in expressing its commitment to Movable Type. Personally, we hope that commitment is expressed in more developers, feature releases and exposure for what we believe is the best platform for online publishing. Regardless of the resources immediately bestowed upon MT, we want to assuage any fears that our clients may have about the future of Movable Type.

Movable Type's open source branch means that the source code will continue to grow and thrive even if SAY Media should one day stop supporting MT or offering new licensed versions of the software.

The Movable Type team has been extremely positive and we're looking forward to watching the platform grow under Say Media as well as in the open source community with off-shoot projects like Melody. At Heideldesign, we're moving ahead with Movable Type-backed projects at full speed.

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