Off-line Website Promotion

How to drive traffic to your website without using your website (or email, or message boards, or blogs..).

offline marketingWe concern ourselves with online promotion to no end. There is a never ending string of to-do tasks that help drive traffic to our websites and push our oh-so-important Google PageRank upwards.

But what about offline promotion?

URLs Everywhere
The easy first step is to put your web address everywhere. On every piece of marketing or correspondence you issue, place your URL in a prominent location. Business cards, invoices, fax sheets, brochures, thank you letters, t-shirts, proposals.... Get the idea? And it's not just for print - TV, radio, and outdoor advertising should all get the URL treatment.

The reason behind this is simple. You're using one piece of promotion to empower another. Just as you would put a download link to your latest product brochure on your website, you should also include your website URL in your product brochure. One supports the other and emphasizes your branding and market position.

Talk it Up
Drop your website address in casual conversation. A personal invitation goes a long way. I can't tell you how many times I've gone home after meeting someone and went to their website. You immediately gain a deeper perspective on their business, outlook, and strategies. Plus, there is a human connection to the company and product that wouldn't exist otherwise.

Promoting your website online is hard enough. The good news is that offline promotion is easy. Just incorporate your website into what you're already doing. Your print and non-internet marketing efforts and one-on-one pitches will drive new, interested customers to your site and help build your web success.