Movable Type 4.2 Released

With the new release of the revolutionary blogging and publishing platform Movable Type, the software evolves into an economical and efficient social media platform. If you've been wondering if Movable Type is right for you, read on for our thoughts on the latest features.

It Takes a Village to Raise a Website

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The biggest update in 4.2 is Movable Type's inclusion of the "Community Pack" features into the newly christened Movable Type Pro. This allows websites of all sizes to actively solicit and collect information from site visitors in many different forms. This includes the obvious (commenting) and previously available (author blogs), but also introduces a whole new community atmosphere and environment that is conducive to expanding your website into a diverse content delivery system. It's now extremely easy to take a single-focus, sole-voice site and make it a community of like-minded authors and contributors. This means more content, more relevance, more "stickiness" and more interactivity. Visitors to your site go from passive readers to active participants in your content strategy.

Movable Type 4.2 is also significantly faster than its predecessors. How fast depends on your exact configuration and needs, but in some cases, we're talking 100 times faster with common tasks.

Spam Comments are so 2006
The new Typepad Antispam has also been added to the release. This update keeps junk-comments at bay and lets you focus on communicating with your readers.

Oh Yeah - It's Free
Did we mention that MT Pro is a free upgrade for personal users or licensed professional installations?

Let's Talk
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