Lawsuits for Inaccessible Websites

Target, Southwest Airlines, and government agencies have faced lawsuits due to inaccessible websites. Is your site next?

laptop userIt was announced today that Target, the chain of popular "populist design" department stores, was being sued for having an inaccessible website for its blind users.

A blind student believes that the Target website's lack of proper code and poor design violates the Americans with Disabilities Act. A lot of people feel the same way.

In fact, this lawsuit could have been avoided easily if Target would have done things right the first time. Proper code and design standards lend themselves to websites that are accessible to all users, including those with limited vision and motor skills.

So why were the proper steps not taken? Too many people and businesses are unaware or uncaring about the need to serve all of their customers, regardless of ability. With the recent trend of lawsuits directed at companies that don't follow the spirit of the law, more suits will be filed.

How do you and your business stay safe? Hire a web designer that's fluent in web standards and accessibility and cares about the needs of all of your site users.

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