Fresh Design: Let Your Website Breathe

A welcome trend in web design, sites are using ample white space and fresh, welcoming colors. Keep your website clean, airy and usable to stay relevant.

Savvy web surfers know good design. They may not realize it, much less use their findings to spark dinner conversation; but their knowledge is gleaned from hours of browsing web pages. Whether using the web for commerce, research or entertainment, certain design cues make web sites easier to use and build confidence in the source.

One of the current trends in web design is an important one: Proper use of whitespace and exciting new color combinations. Whitespace is the distance between elements on a page. Between the margins, images and text, this space allows the content to "breathe", each existing within their own area. Adequate whitespace makes text easier to read, layouts easier to understand, and ultimately, make a web site more usable, friendly and useful.

Websites that do not make proper use of whitespace may feel cluttered, overly busy or complicated. These factors make a website hard to read, navigate and understand.

New color palettes are also being introduced on the web. These palettes draw inspiration from traditional pastel colors, but pump up the saturation and intensity to create a more modern interpretation. Pinks, pale turquoises, lime greens and subtle oranges are making a big splash. These muted (but still colorful) hues create a softer palette than stark blacks, navies and bold reds. These subdued shades welcome users with a fresh but familiar experience.

Combining these new colors with ample whitespace gives the overall web page a more open, welcoming feel. It may not be right for every application (IBM may not want to abandon their classic blue yet), but an injection of fresh colors and "breathing room" may be just what your website needs.

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